About Puppyland

Here at Puppyland we strive to be the best in the puppy world. Our number one priority is the health of our puppies as well as the care and love that they receive while they are with our breeders, in our store and when they go home with their new family.

The process begins with finding responsible breeders that are professional and take pride in what they do. Breeders that sell to puppy stores have more oversight and are more regulated than any other type of breeder, shelter or rescue. We believe in professional responsible breeding, not puppy mills, therefore we personally check our breeder's inspection reports to make sure the welfare of the puppies and parental dogs is not compromised in any way.

When the puppies arrive to the store they are taken care of by a team of animal care specialists, vet techs, and a veterinarian. They are socialized, exercised, and well taken care of during their stay with us! From here we work closely with customers to match them with breeds that best fit their lifestyle. Our puppies are microchipped, registered, and up to date on deworming and vaccines. We have a 15 day viral guarantee, 2 year hereditary and congenital warranty and offer a 10 year congenital/hereditary guarantee.

We are committed to our puppies for a lifetime! If the rare occasion occurs that a customer cannot keep their puppy/dog they can take advantage of our Fur-ever A Home program. This program ensures that our puppies always have a home and that we aren’t contributing to the pet overpopulation in shelters.

Head on over to our store and check out all of the adorable puppies! We’re excited to meet you and answer all of your puppy questions!